CSEG, Universidad Complutense Graphic & Web Design

Conception and design of diverse materials for the Centro Superior de Estudios de Gestión (Complutense University of Madrid): Informative booklet about the center and its master programs, poster, roll up, master brochures, diptych, canvas for events, press advertisements, ecc. In addition, a printed annual report of the center has been designed and, in the online field, the official webpage and different promotional banners for online campaigns. Informative booklet.    Poster. Diptych

Cruz Roja Interactive Guide

Conception and creation of an interactive guide for the Spanish Red Cross employees, that work for the insertion of families in the labour market. Financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. The content is shown in a ‘gamificated’ way, in which are included diverse videos and materials linked to the guide. The navigation works through an interactive menu and the guide is also printable.

MiOptico Retail Campaigns

***** Conception and design of diverse promotional campaigns for the company MiOptico. Online banners and retail materials for the more than 700 points of sale in Spain and France: totem, alarm-covers, big format designed supports, leaflets, pendants, ecc. Promotional Christmas campaign. TV spot in Telemadrid channel.   ***** Conception and design for a campaign in March.

Venta por Catálogo Grupo DIA

Conception and design of diverse printed materials for DIA Group stores (DIA supermarkets, Clarel, La Plaza de DIA), from the year 2016 up to the present: exhibition displays, promotional diptychs, monthly brochures in form of a newspaper, between others.

Santa Lucía Gamification Training

Design of a gamification training and instructional resources for the company Santa Lucía Seguros. The project is intended for the employees and it’s been conceived as a construction game. As the contents about the firm get fulfilled and other interactive actions are done, the user earns money to build and update facilities. Project developed in collaboration with Innova’s team.

Flame Promotional Game ROVI Pharmaceutical

Conception and creation of a specific gamification training and instructional resources for a new product of the company Rovi. The project is intended for the employees and it’s been conceived as a question and answer game. The design is in close relation with the name of the product ‘Flame’, representing an adventure between the flames and health.