About the project

Conception and design of the educational game 'Generating Coexistence’. The project is oriented to children and teenagers and it´s thought to be played in the school context.

The goal of this educational resource is to learn about concepts and tools in order to avoid and prevent bullying.

Diamond concept

The ‘diamond’ idea, from the ancient Greek, means invincible, unalterable, unbreakable. Just like the teenager is pure and transparent. He shows himself as he really is. Similar to a rough diamond, the adolescent is a precious stone with a very strong potencial, living in a changing and development period.

The strong connection between the diamond’s atoms generate its extraordinary physical properties, as well as coexistence and union makes emerge the best of the individuals. The diamonds represented in this game, intend to transmit values of acceptance, no discrimination and positive coexistence.

Project developed in collaboration with Rocío Marcos and Innova’s team.




Cruz Roja Juventud

Project Date:

1 enero, 1970