‘Yo Reciclo’ Educational Game

Concept and design of the educational game ‘I recycle’ for the Red Cross. The project is oriented to children, the monsters represent the different colored containers. The objectives of this educational resource are: • Learning how to separate and recycle diverse waste, represented in the game cards, in order to deposit them in the correct containers: plastic container, glass, paper and cardboard, organic, clean point and other residues. • Motivate players to

‘Generando Convivencia’ Educational Game

Conception and design of the educational game ‘Generating Coexistence’. The project is oriented to children and teenagers and it´s thought to be played in the school context.The goal of this educational resource is to learn about concepts and tools in order to avoid and prevent bullying.Diamond conceptThe ‘diamond’ idea, from the ancient Greek, means invincible, unalterable, unbreakable. Just like the teenager is pure and transparent. He shows himself as he really

Nature Pattern Design

Pattern Design proposal for the company Gonzalo Ferri S.A. Fabric and home decor products available here. After showcasing this project, the publishing house Sendpoints made contact with me to collaborate in one of their books, a collection of textil design projects for indoor spaces. Nature has been featured in the amazing book ‘Interior Patterns‘, between some other wonderful international projects.   SendPoints | Amazon | Book Depository | Ebay

CL Grupo Indsutrial Webpage

Conception and design of the CL Grupo Industrial’s webpage, multinational company group that operates in 22 countries and with more than 35 years of experience. It´s currently composed of 12 leader companies in consumption, industry and energy sectors.   

Butterflies Pattern Design

***** “Butterflies” is a home textile pattern which combines organic and geometric forms. It represents the contrast between the fragility and sensibility of the butterflies and the rigidity of geometry. Triangles define butterflies´s structure in the most simple way, creating a solid pattern. This combination transmit us freshness, serenity and smoothness and the colors remind us the sky and earth. By decorating our home with this elegant textil pattern, we